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A diamond is unique and very special. It is memorable and can evoke many beautiful memories over the years. When you buy a loose diamond you should first consider several things. Your budget, the occasion, the individual you are purchasing for and the setting of the ring are very important factors.

The “4 C’s” are the ABC’s of diamond buying guides, and effect the price of diamonds. They are;

Other things you should consider are –

  • Buying certified diamonds
  • Choosing a diamond shape

When you are working your options according to your budget, just remember that My Russian Diamond is committed to making sure that  Yes, you can have it. We make and sell jewelry that is set with real natural diamonds and solid gold. You will find that only the primary stone is a dazzling My Russian Diamond Simulant. Our simulants are Ideal cut with VVS Clarity. They have the highest color grade which is D and are only a fraction the amount of a natural diamond equivalent. We offer them as Loose Simulants or Pre-Set in jewelry. We also custom design and make jewelry to suit your taste.

If you choose to do things this way, the luck lady can wear her ring sooner and you can use the cash you both save on something else you would love to do together. Then in the future when you are ready to upgrade your My Russian Diamond Simulant to a Natural Diamond, all that would need changing is the center stone. Upgrading your center stone is a lovely way to commemorate a special milestone in your relationship together.