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Hearts & Arrows is a visual phenomenon that appears in the finest cut diamonds. There are three distinguishing factors that diamonds with the Heart and Arrow pattern have – perfection in polish, symmetry and proportion.

Diamonds cut with precisely aligned and carefully shaped facets combined with optimum proportions produce this incredibly brilliant sight.

One of the easiest ways to identify a very good or ideal cut diamond without knowing its proportions is to see whether the diamond has the Heart and Arrow feature.

All My Russian Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Simulants display the Hearts and Arrows Cut.

Brilliance is the sparkle and liveliness exhibited by a diamond and occurs when light enters the top of a diamond and is reflected back to the viewer’s eye. An ideally cut diamond will have more brilliance for it will reflect more light back to the viewer.

The My Russian Diamond Cushion Cut Simulant sparkles with amazing brilliance. The video just does not do it justice!

Fire is another term to describe dispersion. Dispersion describes the flash of different coloured light coming from a diamonds interior. It occurs when white light is separated into its component rainbow colours as light passes through a diamonds facet.

The My Russian Diamond Princess Cut Simulant dances with fire even in dim lighting.

Sparkle is another term to describe scintillation. Scintillation describes the quick flashes of light, resembling colourful, fiery sparks, reflected from a polished diamond.

The My Russian Diamond Simulants are cut for maximum sparkle.